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NPCS: Brother Berthold, Bartender in Fastwater

You are all natives of the continent of Tiragon (Tier-a-gone). This vast continent is separated into three main regions: the plains of Nerath in the west, the Spineridge Mountains in the north, and the Leafshot Forest to the east. The southern region is mostly unexplored but is known to be badlands. Each region has smaller more diverse features as well, known to local adventures.

The three regions are mainly populated by humans, dwarves, and elves respectively. Each race controls its kingdom (i.e. region) but there has been a mutual peace between the three for many generations. Trade and culture exchange are commonplace among the three kingdoms, so it isn’t strange to see other races living in the various kingdoms.

Two large rivers that run to a lake in the center of Tiragon facilitate trade between the kingdoms. The Northern River runs from Spineridge while the Gladestream runs from the forest. They dump into Lake Nausica, near the eastern end of Nerath. The Human capital city of Cyrodil is located next to the lake and is the hotbed of trade and commerce in Tiragon. The lake has a river that exits to the southwest towards the ocean, which is on the western edge of Nerath. The town of FastWater is on this river.

Spineridge: The capital of the dwarven kingdom is the fortress stronghold of Hammerhold. The dwarves built the fortress with defense in mind (think Helm’s Deep), as the mountains are full of foul beasts that like to snack on dwarf-kin. They enjoy long walks through the mines, metal and armor smithing, and strong ales. There are also smaller settlements in Spineridge, mostly dedicated to mining various precious metals and gems for trade and crafting. If you are a dwarf, you probably hail from Hammerhold or one of the nearby mining towns. (Same applies to any gnomes in the party)

Leafshot: The capital of the elven kingdom is the tree-city of Silverglade. This great city is built both on the forest floor and the trees above it, and feels as though it is a part of the forest itself. The elves protect and defend the Leafshot Forest as though it were kin. They practice archery and swordplay and routinely patrol the forest for beasts or fey that could endanger the forest or its denizens. Again, Silverglade is the only large city in the kingdom but there are smaller settlements in the Leafshot and at its edge. These provide checkpoints for patrols as well as having their own communities. If you are an elf or half-elf, you might be from one of these places.

Nerath: Cyrodil is the largest city in Tiragon and is home to all the races in the player’s handbook. Some dragonborn choose to live in Cyrodil, making their living as guards or hired muscle, while others live with their clans on the plains of Nerath. Tieflings also inhabit the city and their talents and vocations are varied. Humans are tolerant of mostly everyone (on average…).

For all most of the citizens know, everything is fine in Tiragon…

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