A Mysterious Fellowship

In the Tomb of Urgoth

A new opening has appeared in the tomb of Urgoth, and the adventures, determined to get to the bottom of mystery of the undead in the church’s graveyard. After a somewhat careless raid on Urgoth’s coffin, taking his enchanted armor, they survived being trapped by a Flaming Skeleton, thanks to Jiffy’s excessive caution. Writing “Urgoth”in the sand magically held on the wall opened a new doorway into another part of the tomb. The adventures almost met their match when they fought the undead in the well room. As the light entered the room, four skeletons approached, and 2 zombie wolves, waiting in the shadows, attacked as well. And when the group was surrounded, they found themselves facing a Deathlock Wight. Goliath found himself dying at the bottom of a pit after being pushed in by the Wight’s Horrifying Visage. And with Goliath out of the way, the Wight was free to resurrect a defeated Zombie dog, which left Gorp dying before Soriah finished it off. The last skeleton killed Jiffy the Gnome as well, after scoring two critical blows in a row. After the group managed to recover, they were able to surround the Wight and make it re-dead. The group recognized the need to rest, so they took a few minutes to sleep in the tomb before investigating a trapdoor found in the bottom of the pit.



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