A Mysterious Fellowship

The Root of the Undead

As the adventures opened the trap door in the well, they found the real tomb of Urgoth. Behind a locked door, hidden in a silence ritual cast by Jiffy - who is seeming increasingly competent - they unlock the door and plan a surprise attack against whoever, or whatever is chanting a spell in the next room. As they burst into the hall, Dinendal immediately fires two arrows into the dim light. One flies off target, but the other flies true and catches the wizard, standing beside a large sarcophagus, in the neck. Caught off guard, the wizard never really mounts an offensive, and is forced to retreat. After dispathcing some zombies and a mechanical guard dog, the adventures force the wizard to a quick escape (by painting a magical doorway). They learn from the wizard’s notebook that he was planning to use Urgoth as a lich to fight for him, and a single name—Dimetri. The adventurers destroy the 10 foot hourglass that seemed to be home for the lich’s soul. After discretely relieving Urgoth of some of his burial equipment, they learn more about Demitiri from the church. Apparently Dimitri’s daughter fell ill, and the church was unable to help. Since then, he has not been seen in town and weird experiments have been happening in a tower outside of town. The adventurers decided to spend some of their acquired gold on suits of magic armor for Jiffy, Soraya, and Dinendal.

After resting in town, the party heads to Dimetri’s tower to seek an audience with the wizard.

They send a raven ahead with a message offering their apologies, and that they thought the wizard was a zombie. On approaching the tower, they see the bird laying ominously at their feet. Soraya picks the lock to the tower, with critical stealth—the best they had seen from the rogue yet. The tower was small, and a number traps and puzzles prevented a quick ascent, so he was ready for them. But he and his constructs proved no match for the party, especially as his mechanical snake didn’t seem to be functioning correctly. Even though the party tried to talk the crazed wizard down, he wouldn’t do anything but fight. An so he died. The chapter ended with the party resting in Dimetri’s tower and playing with his magical brush of teleportation.

An Ancient Weapon

As the party spent the night resting in the tombs, some found it hard to sleep. After studying the +1 Lifedrinker Battleaxe for a time, Gorp suddenly remembered a legend that could shed some light on the wicked-seeming weapon…

The story goes that a tribe of barbarians who lived on the southern edge of the mountains were infected with the vampric curse — tales were told of their fearsome raids and hazings of travelers and villages where the barbarians not only burned villages and took plunder, but also feasted on the blood of the slain and the living. Being vampires, they lived for centuries, collecting treasure. Unlike other vampires, who showed a definite preference for the finer things in unlife, including light, elegant weaponry, these barbarians preferred clubs and battleaxes. Through centuries of use with these barbarians, its possible some weapons could have absorbed their life-stealing power. As the treasure horde of the barbarians grew tremendous, however, it drew the attention of dragons. The myths say that the horde was eventually destroyed by a young white dragon…

As the party somberly reflected on the origin story, Gorp noticed a small engraving on the blade—a symbol marking the twin peaks of Summersbane and Neverhome…

A New Update

I have added the description of the region as given to the adventures when they started, you can read it on the Wiki page.

In the Tomb of Urgoth

A new opening has appeared in the tomb of Urgoth, and the adventures, determined to get to the bottom of mystery of the undead in the church’s graveyard. After a somewhat careless raid on Urgoth’s coffin, taking his enchanted armor, they survived being trapped by a Flaming Skeleton, thanks to Jiffy’s excessive caution. Writing “Urgoth”in the sand magically held on the wall opened a new doorway into another part of the tomb. The adventures almost met their match when they fought the undead in the well room. As the light entered the room, four skeletons approached, and 2 zombie wolves, waiting in the shadows, attacked as well. And when the group was surrounded, they found themselves facing a Deathlock Wight. Goliath found himself dying at the bottom of a pit after being pushed in by the Wight’s Horrifying Visage. And with Goliath out of the way, the Wight was free to resurrect a defeated Zombie dog, which left Gorp dying before Soriah finished it off. The last skeleton killed Jiffy the Gnome as well, after scoring two critical blows in a row. After the group managed to recover, they were able to surround the Wight and make it re-dead. The group recognized the need to rest, so they took a few minutes to sleep in the tomb before investigating a trapdoor found in the bottom of the pit.

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